About VastoHub

We established the VH (Vasto Hub) for accomplishment of a platform as a meetup point for traders who are really productive to go beyond time and achieve more then what is expected. Our professional team daily works to make it clearer to see the future closer then it seems. VH team is assuring the ease of trading activities like: procurement, merchandising, transporting, warehousing, distribution, insurance, technology and shipping agencies here you will meet people from different categories and fields of activities attached to your business who can professionally assist you in your business needs.
Here we will give you a bridge of ease to get connected to your desired product market, or you will get the potentials not experienced then.
With VH the benefits are in favor of all B2B activities to expand their businesses and find a broad view of the industry where no monopoly could drive you to the shortage of services with limited coverage of your supplier. The VH team gives the widest coverage of reach your supplier closer to you.​

Our Story

The start-up idea was undertaken in 2019, but the implementation took a little longer and we entered the 2020 with a lot of challenges which was covering the whole world so we didn’t stop there, and we took our steps more stronger, as the era of technology was known more by the public we also showed up to share our services and we focused on our customers services with other companies, not because we feel all companies should be the same but rather we would like to share how can they identify their company values, and in doing so learn how to create a successful and profitable organization where working is much better than other platforms it’s because we valued our customers in crises, we started giving them a hand in a global pandemic situation. This is where we could understand it better.

Expand & Grow Your Business
If you are a supplier you could join us to expand your business globally we will act as a global village, to find you the hottest market place where you supply goods easily and quickly.
Produce Potential Customers
Producers who are in an average of production and want to produce more but don’t have potential buyers. Our team will drive the potential bulk purchasers to your factory so you could achieve your goals easily.
Transport Shippers & Logistics Team
Transporter Shippers and Logistics teams who have strong teams but looking for customers who really needs them to grab their hand and serve them to the level of 5 Stars. Our team will attach them and give them the opportunity.
Find Insurance Support
Insurance companies when a Shipping company is routing the consignment and unable to find the insurance support for the rout they mapped for its movement with VH they will be able to open new and un driven routs for their shipments to benefit their customers.
Brokers! The phenomenon which is forgotten by most of companies but if we care about the tasks which are very small but most Important and we are sure that they couldn’t be accomplished without their role, than why should we ignore them, we as professionals should follow them if they are breaking the task and ease it for us, so why we ignore them if they play the legal role?
Mostly we are looking to make the largest global community of B2B services providers we are looking forward to welcome you onboard.
Here you will break the monopoly around in your own industry and you will get more options to select from whom to receive the services or to whom you give the opportunity to serve you.
The more you go deeper the more you feel the change.
We provide you the most liable and productive group of B2B service providers to let you cut your costs to the lowest level to convert the margins of expenses to margins of profit.
By registering 100+ new companies weekly we enable you to reach a huge number of people to do business with and it gives you the chance of expansion in your business globally.
For fresh start-ups we have a separate plan through which they can get more customers to grow their businesses.

Our Mission

All areas of our organization are driven by our mission to improve trader’s values in cutting their costs through innovation and due care.

Our Vision

We also share a common vision: working as a team, we will shape the future of business industry by creating, and applying new technology and knowledge of best to achieve the goals of individuals.

Our Values

In concentration to how we take care of our mission and vision are the values we have: integrity, innovation, best utilization of technology and our leadership.